AUDIO RESISTANCE is the alias of the Italian DJ and producer Eduardo Rosario Paglia was launched at the end of 2015.
This alias contains the essence of Eduardo’s personality, his ‘outside the box’ spirit, coming from a torturous and regrettable past that has shaped its “Resistance”.
Dark, sharp edged and sometimes acid sonorities lover.
He prefers an analogical tone full of harmonics where something “vintage” can be glimpsed, managed by the surgical precision of digital.
His sets have kicks featured with “bombastic” waves enhanced by a multitude of drums’ and synths samples melodies as if he would create a “vortex” effect mixing live to digital DJing.
His tracks are on ARTS, Emmanuel’s label wherein you can encounter artists such as Jonas Kopp, Terrence Dixon, Mark Broom, James Ruskin, Radio Slave, Robert Hood just to mention a few and Kobayashi Records, historical label since 1997 : Al Ferox property (Alessandro Farace) within such pioneers as Oscar Mulero, Gaetano Parisio, Johannes Heil, Paul Birken, Marco Carola, Marco Bailey and many others.