For July 2017  Audio Resistance will be released an  EP “Nucleus” with 4 tracks including remixes by Electrorites and Marla Singer on Nightmare Factory Records…


    April 2017,
At end of April 2017, Audio Resistance, he will release on the label ANAØH, owned by Mexican FIXON..


Audio Resistance & Luca Maniaci from Italy on FLASH Recordings… (Florian Meindl label)

Audio Resistance, he released EP whit four tracks on Emmanuel’s label, A R T S d/g/t/l

“This is Acid… Nothing else 2” acid Techno compilation with unreleased tracks of Al Ferox, Dentis, Collin Strange, Dj Ze Mig L, VV303, Audio Resistance, Mantrum, Mono-Amine, 14Anger, Ganez,

First EP under the alias Audio Resistance.
signed with American label LABRYNTH…